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Otways, Victoria, Australia.
From Traveling Times to Forrest
Melbourne 2 hours
Lorne 40 minutes via Deans Marsh
Apollo Bay 35 Minutes
Local Accommodation
  Forrest Country Guesthouse
A family run classic country retreat set in the quaint little township of Forrest, Gateway to the Otway National Park.
Great Ocean Road Tours
  Forrest River Valley B&B
Luxuriate in the Hydro Spa-pool and experience Sunrise with our home-cooked breakfast.
  Great Ocean Road Accommodation
A selection of some of the best and most unique accommodation venues in the Otway Ranges, Victoria.
Information: For specialised Flora and Fauna tours we can arrange special packages.

The New Great Otway National Park is 2 hours from Melbourne and is accessable from the Great Ocean Road.

Visitors to the Otways are rewarded with the beauty of the coastline and its endless sandy beaches. Hidden in the hinterland you'll find a variety of waterfalls, tall Eucalypt forests and pockets of Cool Temperate Rainforest.

The fossil record indicates that the Otways have been formed when sandstone and clay were deposited from ancient rivers. That deposit has then been uplifted and over time weathering has disected it into numerous rivers. Harder sandstone has formed the waterfalls while softer sandstone has been weathered away.

The Otways weather is as dramatic as the scenery. The ridge between Lavers Hill and Beech Forest boasts the highest rainfall in Victoria (2m/yr). Winter and spring are the wettest months and the best time to take advantage of the numerous waterfalls. Summer is usually quite warm but always a few degrees cooler than Melbourne. Drier years lead to bushfires, with 1983 being the last major fire in the Otways.

Wildlife in the Otways is mostly nocturnal. Small mammals that are rare to see include Quolls, Gliders, Potteroos, Bandicoots and Antichinus. Wallabies, Kangaroos, Koalas and possums are common. Snakes, Lizards, birds and ehidnas are common during the day. Whales, seals and dolphins are also common in the waters off our coastline

Aboriginal habitation, fires and timber harvesting have shaped the Otways forest. Most is less than 100 years old, but there are some old growth areas more than 300yrs old. Variation in flora is extreme from dry heathland to Cool Temperate Rainforest. The Myrtle Beech is a significant Cool Temperate Rainforest species form 8o million years ago. The Mountain Ash is the tallest hardwood in the world. We have many species of endemic flora and rare orchids.

Timber harvesting is being replaced by tourism and the formation of National Parks signifies a changing role for the Otway forests and their inhabitants.


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